We need lots of debaters to help with hosting our tournament!

Please fill out this form by January 3, 2017.

Part of being on our team needs to be participating in giving back to the debate community. A big way we do this is by hosting our tournament. We are one of the year's largest and most competitive. Our goal should be to host the tournament everyone wants to attend. A huge part of that is having enough of our own debaters around to keep things running smoothly by helping competitors, coaches, judges, and those adults from other schools who help run our tournament. 

When we travel to other tournaments, you will have noticed that they have dozens of student volunteers at all times during the day. We've not done a great job at this. When coaches make decisions about who gets to compete at tournaments, a big consideration is how much a debater gives back to the team in way of not only doing debate work, but also for stuff like volunteering to help at the events we host. Leadership positions on the team are also largely determined by who takes these opportunities. 

The types of things we need debaters to do: judging novice/MSPDP (Monday), helping attendees find rooms, keeping rooms tidy and neat for teachers, helping with putting out snacks and water, ensuring that teams are disclosing their cases, making sure rounds have started on time, scouting, helping the tabroom, and many other things.

When you sign-up for a shift, you will still have ample time to have "fun." As you know, tournaments have down time and frantic time. When we host a tournament, while rounds are going on, that's pretty much down time. 

We are expecting that everyone will make themselves available for the whole weekend, just as you would if you were competing. Please help us host the year's best tournament. 

LASTLY, please make sure to order a team shirt to wear during the tournament: http://hwdebate.org/teamswag