SupportING Programs

debateLA is doing two specific things this summer to help support debate & speech programs:

First, teams can earn up to 5% back on the tuition paid by all of the students from their school

Our faculty have made decisions to being program-focussed coaches, taking on the often difficult task of not only having to maintain success at a high-level, but to be concerned about coaching students at all levels.

Another aspect of being a program-oriented coach means having to be concerned about paying fees, travel, financial-aid and everything budget-related.

Second, we will offer lunch seminars for parents, coaches and administrators who would like to learn about starting a debate/speech program, how to build a program, etc. We will announce the dates via email list and on this website.

In addition to the aforementioned programs, our classes are open for school coaches to observe. Our faculty will also be available to answer questions.(For pedagogical reasons we cannot have parents in the classroom).

If you are interested in ANY of these opportunities, please make sure to fill-out the form below.