Committed to the State & NSDA Nationals Style

Although our program is primarily designed for students with "national circuit" aspirations, we are very committed to providing an excellent and productive camp experience for debaters whose priority is not this style of debate.

Very few debate camps will make the commitment to have programs for students who are interested in the more moderate and holistic style that is necessary to succeed at league and State Tournaments as well as the NSDA (NFL) National Tournament.

Winning tournaments that are judged by more than the most expert-circuit judges requires hard work and a commitment to focussing on an entire style of speaking and debating. Where you can't rely strictly on speed or jargon, these tournaments reward a debater's ability to transcend the technicalities of the flow and the randomness of judge preferences. 

The other aspect ignored by most debate camps is that many debaters also participate in speech. We have one of the most successful speech coaches in the last decade, Drew Hammond from Eagan High School. Students will have the opportunity to work directly with Drew (even students signed up for debate) on their presentation and writing skills.

Some debate camps will have a couple of lectures to pay lip-service to local or NSDA-style debate. We will have an entire program dedicated to students who exclusively have success on that level in mind. 

Of course there are students who still wish to learn both the circuit and local/NSDA style. We will have individualized programs for them as well.

The program for intermediate to advanced students looking to focus on the local/NSDA-style (as well as speech events) will be offered only at our 2-Week Flagship - July 13-24.

Harvard-Westlake Debater Ben Sprung-Keyser '11 (Negative) wins the NFL National Championship in Kansas City, Missouri. His opponent is Blake McCracken from Bartlesville HS (OK)


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A Staff Dedicated to the State/NSDA Style


Mike Bietz:

  • Competed in debate and speech at Eagan HS, Minnesota
  • Coach of back-to-back Minnesota State Champions in LD. Also 2 finalists, a semifinalist and 4 quarterfinalists.
  • One of only two coaches in history to coach 2 NSDA LD National Champions at different schools. They have a combined final-round ballot count of 19-3.
  • Coach of two 3rd place finishers at NSDA Nationals and an 8th place finish.

Drew Hammond

  • Competed in speech at Apple Valley HS, Minnesota
  • Coach of 3 NSDA National Champions
  • Coach of 11 NSDA National Finalists in Duo, HI, OO & DI
  • Coach of 14 Minnesota State Speech Champions

Bill Neesen

  • Professor of Speech/Communications at Cal-State Long Beach.
  • Coach of multiple National Champions in Forensics

Sara Evall, Member of Team USA Debate
Shania Hunt, Member of Team USA Debate; 2nd Place at NSDA Nationals in Extemp
Amelia Miller, Member of Team USA Debate; Top Speaker at Pan-American World Schools Debates; Top Speaker of Heart of Europe Debating Championships

Harvard-Westlake Debate is proud to be a financial supporter of NSDA's Team USA and their pursuit of the World Schools Debating Championships.