HW Debate New Hire Page

Please download and fill out the appropriate forms (the forms can be accessed by clicking on the names after the number).  We will have discussed whether or not you will need to do the fingerprinting. 

If you are: 

  • Just Judging (no chaperoning): You just need to fill out and return the forms in 1 & 2. Then skip down to Payroll for more instructions. You do not need to fill out an hourly form/Timecard.
  • Hired coaches: Do everything on the page. So, you will need to fill out forms in 1, 2, & 3. You will also need to be familiar with the information in 4 (School Handbook). If you are being paid hourly, you will need to download 5 (Timecard) and submit on a monthly basis.

1. download > Employment Forms < download

  •  it is probably easiest to just print off all the pages.
  • Keep a copy for yourself.
  • You will  need to provide a copy of your Passport ONLY -or- BOTH Driver's License and Social Security Card.
  • We will have discussed if you should fill-out the driver information. If you are just judging, probably not. 

2. download > Dealing with Sexual Harassment and Bullying < download

  • Only the last page needs to be returned.

3. download >  DOJ Live Scan Fingerprinting Form < download

4. download > Harvard-Westlake School Handbook < download

  • Nothing in this packet needs to be returned.
  • Please read anyway. Thank you.

5. download > IRS W4 form < download

  • Fill out online.
  • Return it.

6. download > Timecard < download and keep a copy on your computer (only for hourly coaches)

  • In cell C4, enter your name
  • In cell A22, enter your hourly pay (this will be on your contract) - the other parts should auto-fill.
  • In cell A9, enter the month.
  • On a monthly basis you'll need to fill-in the "Date" column in the timecard. 
  • For each day you worked, fill out the cell under Reg Hrs, OTx1.5 or OTx2. In a single day, anything up to 8 hours goes under Reg Hrs; over 8 to 12 hours goes under OTx1.5; over 12 goes under OTx2. 
  • Submit the completed form by the first day of each month. So if you work in September, submit the card by October 1. You will be paid on October 15.


  • Payroll is run once per month on the 1st of every month. 
  • Payday is on the 15th.
  • For quickest payment, we will use direct deposit.
  • Along with your forms, please include a voided check.
  • ** Beginning Jan 1, we'll be moving to an entirely online system for you to enter your hours and you'll be paid every two weeks. **

When completed bundle everything together and:

  • SCAN & EMAIL to mbietz@hw.com
  • Also MAIL all originals to:

Harvard-Westlake School

Attn: Mike Bietz (Debate)

700 N Faring Road

Los Angeles, CA 90077