If you're interested in joining the Lincoln-Douglas Debate Team at for the 2013/2014 school year, this page contains some initial team management information you should know.  If you have any questions, please contact Coach Bietz: mbietz@hw.com. 

  • Yes, we go to a lot of tournaments. You do not have to go to all of them - or even most of them. We do this so that we can also be flexible and fit your schedule. The only caveat is that it is STRONGLY encouraged that you attend the Long Beach tournament. Waiting really risks setting you behind. Please let Coach Bietz know if you cannot attend. 

  • Practices are held after-school at both the Upper School and Middle School. Upper School practices are on Tuesdays.  Middle School practices are on Wednesdays. Attending practice on a regular basis is basically mandatory. Of course some exceptions can come up. Please let Coach Bietz know if you have a conflict. 8th & 9th graders should not attend practices at the Upper School. It is expected that 10th-12th grade debaters attend the Wednesday practice at the Middle School when possible.  

  • You'll do tournament sign-ups through the student portal. The team Administrative Assistant, Nate Zerbib-Berda is in charge of keeping track of sign-ups, travel logistics and other administrative issues. His email address is nzerbibberda@hw.com.  
  • Most people on the team find it easiest to manage their debate with school to have an email address that is separate from your hwemail.com. Sometimes the email messages pick-up quite a bit. You don't want to lose class-related email during those times. If you do not already have one, we recommend setting up a GMAIL account. 
  • To participate on the team, it is important that you have a Dropbox account. Everyone on the team shares all of their debate work. (Failure to share all of your work with the team will result will have consequences. So there is no question of what debate work you need to share: it's everything.) We do this through Dropbox. You should create an account by clicking here. (Again, we recommend using your non-HW email account.)
  • If you have a Facebook, you should LIKE facebook.com/hwdebate. If you're on Twitter, follow twitter.com/hwdebate. 

Finally, click here to get to the form you must fill out to be on the team.