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  Harvard-Westlake Middle School

Harvard-Westlake Middle School

Curtis School & Harvard-Westlake Debate Alum, Ben Sprung-Keyser chats about debate and how it has impacted him. This was recorded the summer before Ben's senior year. He has since gone on to Harvard University, where he continued his debate success. Ben won the Federal Reserve Challenge, APDA Nationals (College Parli) and WUDC (World University Debate Championships).

In 2014 he was named a Rhodes Scholar.

debateLA provides a unique opportunity for students who have applied or are planning on applying to Harvard-Westlake, or any of the many independent schools in Los Angeles. 

Debate is booming in Los Angeles Independent middle & high schools. In addition to Harvard-Westlake, Brentwood, Polytechnic, Marlborough, Notre Dame, Loyola, Immaculate Heart, Chaminade, Campbell Hall, Oakwood, Archer, Winward, Flintridge-Sacred Heart Academy, Crossroads, Oaks Christian & New Roads all have some level of active debate team. Many of these schools have large, active, and nationally successful programs. 

This is no surprise given the value it adds to the educational process.

But being on the debate team isn't the only reason an prospective student ought to consider debateLA.

  • The opportunity to be taught by debate coaches and faculty from Harvard-Westlake, Marlborough, Brentwood & Immaculate Heart.
  • The ability to work with current Middle and High School Students from HW & other schools.
  • Working with recent HS graduates who have or are going on to the country's top colleges and universities.
  • Learning the debate curriculum used by most Middle School teams, and in the case of Harvard-Westlake, the curriculum used to fulfill our 8th grade communications requirement.

Faculty From Local Schools
* Mike Bietz, Harvard-Westlake
* Adam Torson, Marlborough
* Manoj Choudhary, Brentwood
* Naemah Morris, Immaculate Heart
* Shania Hunt, Harvard-Westlake, UCLA '18
* Travis Fife, Harvard-Westlake, UCLA '16
* Sara Evall, HW '15, Team USA member
* Amelia Miller, HW '15, Yale '19
* Peter Van Elswyk, Former HW Coach, Rutgers Philosophy PhD Candidate

In addition we have faculty who are either coaches from other top independent schools in the region - The Harker School (San Jose) and The Meadows School (Las Vegas).

Because of the interactive nature of debate, students will be engaged in active learning with people who have a lot to offer in their experiences as students (and former students) from competitive Los Angeles independent schools.

As an additional opportunity, we will have free workshops for parents that will give you the opportunity to meet with the faculty and staff where they can share their experiences and answer questions both about debate, but also about other academically-related matters

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